is a work I produced in 2014, a mash up of Emoji characters with Hieronymus Bosch's

The Garden of Earthly Delights. Soon the work took on a life of its own on social media, particularly Instagram. I have collected photos taken and
posted online of the physical work during the various times it has been exhibited IRL.
In Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash, published in 1992, status in the Metaverse is represented by the high or low-quality of one's avatar. To acknowledge the power of personal brand on our evaluation of images in today's “like economy” I have created a one to one representation between the number of likes the image received and the pixel resolution of the image, (for example an image that received 101 likes I scaled to 101 x 101 pixels). For Yami-Ichi, a 6 x 6 inch, one-of-a-kind print, will be available (each at the exact same price point) of the #gardenofemojideligths Instagram images I have cataloged.

artists: hieronymusbosch, emoji designers, carlagannis, and @cloudquigua, @n0rette, @alexisazmbrano, @artsy, @benoit-munoz, @blouin_artinfo, @cassie_guy, @conceptionartists, @coopermount, @fvisaya, @khriscatnyc, @mycruatedlife, @prattinstitute, @risapuno, @jerrysaltz, @shaytown, @dychen, @wydchen (*handles for Instagram photographers appear on the back of their respective image)


6 likes - SOLD 101 likes - SOLD 4 likes - SOLD
186 likes - SOLD
1976 likes - SOLD 121 likes - SOLD 13 likes - SOLD
18 likes - SOLD
24 likes - SOLD 39 likes - SOLD 23 likes - SOLD
98 likes - SOLD
6 likes - SOLD 40 likes - SOLD 1310 likes - SOLD
457 likes - SOLD