The Runaways


The Runaways from Carla Gannis on Vimeo.

2010-2011, single channel video 1280 x 720 pixels; *display dimensions variable
Run Time: running time 3:30

The Runaways is a performance video, where I (filmed running in a real landscape) and I” (my avatar recorded running in a virtual construction of a landscape) converge as operators in an ontological metanarrative.

The central question I am posing is “who are we, as 21st Century minds and bodies, existing within the porous frameworks of sublime natural and technological environments?  Emerging from this query is in an absurdist “survival of the fittest” race, where I compete against my virtual self, i.e. my “super self”, a seemingly immortal piece of encoded human representation residing in a highly mutable digital land of Oz.

In the realm of the algorithmic mind anything is possible and virtual me can teleport within seconds to an exotic tropical island or to a snowy winter wonderland, but what are the implications of a real woman running down the middle of a rural highway, not yet denatured, on an icy morning, quite possibly imperiling her life? Once digital entertainment value is added, a kaleidoscopic sky and a 3D avatar, thinner and faster than she, do we really care?


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  1. KASIA Kay says:

    Carla, loveit. Let’s talk this weekend. Xxx

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