Smart Devices | Multiple Exposures

The genesis of  Smart Devices / Multiple Exposures, can be found in the rich and varied history of artists who transpose objects of communication design into high art expression. From Picasso’s newspaper collages to Warhol’s serialized silk screens there is a visual and conceptual repurposing of the often overlooked quotidian representations that occupy a majority of our visual experiences.

Today these visual experiences extend beyond newspapers, posters and billboards however, into GUI’s (graphical user interfaces) and HUD’s (heads-up displays).

On any given day, using but one small handheld device, I employ at least nine separate interfaces and displays. I check the time, shoot video, take photographs, track my geographical position, play a game, talk by telephone and compose email, texts and instant messages, often all performed within a period of 30 minutes or less.

Thus from art historical flash backs to technological scans forward, (fueled by an urge to find sentience instead of obsessive-compulsive disorder in my smart phone behaviors), the Smart Devices / Multiple Exposures series continues to evolve.

Compressing and distilling “activity” into form, into a compelling static image, requires more from me than merely using an application or a tool.  The mashing up of interface with image, font with philosophy, and GPS with sublimity is a process with aspirations of finding and revealing “mystic truths”.

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