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This page features screen recording from the online game version of the project. View the entire work here: j-bel.net (This is a Flash site, so it may not be viewable on all platforms. A screen recording of the work is below).

Print works from the Jezebel project are here.
Video works from the Jezebel project are here.
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JBel 360 Screen Recording of Flash Web Project – 2008 from Carla Gannis on Vimeo.

Images from the environment.

Düsseldorf, April 8th 2008
Exhibition: Carla Gannis – Jezebel inside
Opening: Friday, April 11th, 6 – 9 pm
Duration: April 11th – 31. May 31st 2008

On April 11th 2008 the exhibition “Jezebel inside“ by the American artist Carla Gannis will open at the TZR Galerie Kai Brückner. Gannis’ work deals with the female archetype Jezebel – a figure of the old testament – one whoimplied for many centuries heathenism and lust. In modernity she is increasingly linked to nonconformity as for example the main character in the movies “Jezebel“ (1938) and “Gone with the Wind“ (1939). Today Jezebel is multidimensional: a brave rebel, seductress, feminist icon who has been given form in literature, film, and musical interpretations.

In Gannis´ large-scale “new media“ artworks she re-invents different aspects of the Jezebel persona via digital collage. A multitude of complex characters is unified in her representations: the nonconformist, the beauty, the rebel, the sex goddess, the victim (bondwoman, slave) and the super hero. Gannis lifts her figures on a newly-created stage from where they radiate strength, intelligence and complexity. They now triumph over mythology, history and stereotypes which have formed and defined in the collective subconsciousness the term of femaleness for generations. Her main characters wear red – just as the historic example, not only as a signifier of lust and sexuality, but as an expression of courage and revolution in resistance of the cliché.

The exhibition comprises large-scaled digital prints, a wall installation, a life-size silhouette, a PHSCologram created in collaboration with (art)n*, and an interactive digital game work which can be experienced on the website of the gallery as well as in the gallery itself. In her artwork Gannis expresses her contemporary re-interpretation of the Jezebel-myth through image and metaphor. In the context of the digital age the interpretation of this topic, with the help of computer-based techniques, is only logical and consequent.

(art)n* was formed in 1983 by Ellen Sandor and her peers at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since then, it has evolved into an international, interdisciplinary collective of artists, scientists, and engineers whose works have been collected by institutions and individuals worldwide. (art)n’s portfolio is exceptionally wide-ranging, including PHSColographic renditions of iconic works by the Chicago Imagists; site-specific, visual history installations; biology-based works; and everything in between.

Ellen Sandor and (art)n’s patented invention, the PHSCologram is an acronym for photography, holography, sculpture and computer graphics. The PHSCologram imagery is digitally sculpted, lit, rendered, and captured at as many as 64 slightly different positions across a horizontal plane with a 3-D software application. Then the frames are
woven into an interleave with (art)n’s proprietary art program for a final output to transparent film. (art)n’s software generates a matching linescreen that allows our eyes to interpret the final backlit photograph as a three-dimensional sculpture.